"Are you Unhappy at Work?"

This film received a Highly Commended award in the PowerFlick "All About Switching Off" 1-minute short film competition at Macquarie University sponsored by Energy Australia. 07 Oct 2010.


Writer/Director/Editor: Vasantha Saparamadu
Narrator: Colin Grace
Music: Kevin MacLeod

Cast (in order of appearance):
Dhyana Scarano
Dilshan Jayarathna
Adam Shah
Avo Ohanian
Mark Luscombe
Pierre Diab

Competition Brief:

Everyday, people leave equipment switched on because "it takes sooo long to turn back on!" Well we are retaliating by saying "It's worth the extra minute!", but we don't want our cries to fall on deaf ears so we need your help. If we could open your brains and feast on the creative goo inside, we would. Since that would be totally illegal, impractical (and just plain gross), we are hosting a short film competition instead.


Films will be evaluated for their ability to convince the audience that there is plenty one can do with an extra minute waiting for equipment to turn back on.