An unrelated link: Meeduma Atharin (A collection of Sinhala short stories)
Another unrelated link: "Are You Unhappy at Work?" (Vasantha Saparamadu's short film that won a highly commended award at PowerFlick film competition at Macquarie University 2010)

Weird sense of humour - LAcNet/Sri Lanka related

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Date: Tue, 1 Oct 1996 08:52:51 -0400 (EDT)
From: Jagath Samarabandu
To: lacnet list
Subject: Re: Self Intro

On Tue, 1 Oct 1996, Vasantha Saparamadu wrote:

> I studied at Moratuwa University.
> Bandu [Jagath] lectured us Computer Systems. Anyway, later
> in the life I discovered that it was an interesting subject ;-) (Hi Bandu!)

Gee Vasantha, thank you for that glowing tribute for my teaching prowess


Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 08:57:39 -0700
From: Thilaka Sumanaweera
To: Kavan Ratnatunga
Subject: Re: Do we need CRAP in CyberSpace
Cc: lacnet list

> Cyberspace or elsewhere, we as 'scientists' who believe in more
> deterministic approaches have an obligation at least NOT to promote these
> things, let alone trying to stop others from believing it.

Deterministic? Science? If you believe Heisenberg, who after going to
a Dansela on Vesak day said: "There aint no free lunch, burp!"
(He was obviously refering to the fact that you cannot tell where
the hell an electron is and how much stuff it has at the same time),
science is not always deterministic.


Date: Wed, 3 Sep 1997 11:35:41 -0400 (EDT)
From: Prasad K. Dharmasena
To: lacnet-nato list
Subject: Rich Cake (fwd)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 1997 23:01:00 -0700
To: Prasad K. Dharmasena
Subject: Rich Cake

Dear Sir/Madam

can you please send an Email to me
how to make Sri Lankan RICH CAKE.

I think it goes something like this .... you take poor cake
and wrap it with a 1000-rupee note and a cellophane paper
and ... viola ... you got rich cake.  --pkd  (first murunga
and now this!  Why me!! ;-))

From: Vasantha Saparamadu
Subject: Re: Bandula and LAcNet
To: Nimal Gamage
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 14:55:13 +1100 (EST)
Cc: lacnet list

Nimal Gamage writes:
>So to splice into what I said, when soc.culture.sri Lanka was formed it suddenly
>became an open forum on Sri Lanka. Now anyone could post articles to it,
>and every one and their grand mother did! Ofcourse it also became a very heated
>battle ground where the sri lankan North issues were debated.

There were some nice things about soc.culture.sri-lanka too. Prasad
Dharmasena used to post an FAQ to soc.culture.sri-lanka. (Actually
that's how I found out about SLNet.) He also regularly posted nice
pictures of Sri Lanka to s.c.s-l. There was no web those days. We had to
save those postings (which contained uuencoded gifs), run uudecode 
to extract the gif file and then view them using something like xv.

Once somebody who wasn't familiar with uuencoded messages
asked how to see the pictures from those postings by Prasad.
Prasad replied, "cat the file on your terminal. Concentrate on a point
3 inches behind the screen. After a while you will begin to see

Prasad once posted a picture called a postcard from Sri Lanka. Thilaka
commented, "It reminded me the day when the transformer at Katubedda
blew up".

Bandu used to archive those pictures on his ftp site. He had
everything except the above postcard on his site. I remember
specifically requesting him to add it to his site.
Just now I found those pictures archived on nilwala. Just to remind
those old days, I have included that postcard below. (Well, if you
can't extract the picture, just follow Prasad's advice.)

- Vasantha

begin 644 postcard.gif
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9[XK7O.IUKWSMJU__"MC "G:PA'5" 0  .]:T

Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 09:29:35 -0400 (EDT)
From: Nishantha Illangasekare
Subject: Re: Bandula and LAcNet
To: Vasantha Saparamadu

>Prasad once posted a picture called a postcard from Sri Lanka. Thilaka
>commented, "It reminded me the day when the transformer at Katubedda
>blew up".

I never saw this before... :) ANd only Prasad could think of something
crazy like this.. If you look carefully you can see the Ceylinco building
in the distance!!!! 

Subject: Oh ...
Newsgroups: soc.culture.sri-lanka
From: Sunil Koswatta
Date: Fri, Jun 25 1993 3:41 am

For some reason, I used to think that Asoka Bandarage is a man
and Thilaka Sumanaweera is a women.  It turns out that Asoka
is a VERY beautiful women.  On the otherhand
Thilaka appears to be just another guy.

Sunil ..

Subject: Re: Oh ... Newsgroups: soc.culture.sri-lanka From: Thilaka Sumanaweera Date: Fri, Jun 25 1993 6:45 am Sunil Koswatta writes: |> For some reason, I used to think that Asoka Bandarage is a man |> and Thilaka Sumanaweera is a women. It turns out that Asoka |> is a VERY beautiful women. On the otherhand |> Thilaka appears to be just another guy. |> |> Sunil .. |> Waddaya mean.."just" another guy? This confusion arises from a bug in the English language: there is no way to distinguish "a" and "a" sounds (see what I mean?).

Perhaps, messages like this may have led Sunil to think that Thilaka is a Thilaka not a Thilaka.
- Vasantha

Subject: Chicken Curry
From: Thilaka Sumanaweera
Date: Tues, May 25 1993 3:24 pm
Newsgroups: soc.culture.sri-lanka

                     Sri Lankan Chicken Curry [ver 5.0.1]


         1. 6 chicken thighs or 12 drumsticks (If you have a full chicken
            cut it into pieces of the size of thighs.)
         2. Ground roasted chilli powder 3/4 tablespoonfuls.
         3. Ground roasted Ceylon Curry powder 1 1/2 tablespoonfuls.
         4. Turmeric powder 1 teaspoonful.
         5. Black Pepper 3/4 tablespoonful.
         6. Cinnamon 1/2 inch piece.
         7. Garlic 3 cloves.
         8. Cardamom 10 pieces.
         9. Cloves 10 pieces.
        10. Coconut Milk (cholesterol freaks: soy milk ok)
        11. 10 Dill seeds.
        12. 2 Big red onions.
        13. Salt 3/4 tablespoonful.
        14. Lemon or lime  1 1/2  tablespoonfuls.
        15. Cooking oil (coconut oil is the best. corn is ok.).
            cholesterol freaks: canola (rapeseed) oil is ok.


Chop the garlic into small pieces. Chop the onions into pieces of 2 inch
Wash the chicken pieces and remove the skin if you desire. Add turmeric,
pepper, chilli powder, curry powder, garlic and mix them thoroughly with
the chicken and leave it aside.

Add oil into a pot and heat it up. Add the onions, cloves, cardamom, dill
seeds, cinnamon and fry the onions until they are little bit brown. Don't
forget to break the shells of the cardamom. When the onions are brown add
the chicken and fry them until they look brown. Then add a cup of water,
cover, reduce the heat and let the chicken cook. When the chicken becomes
tender, add coconut milk until it covers the chicken. cook at medium
heat for
5 minutes and add salt and lime or lemon. You can add these more or less
according to your taste. Once the chicken is tender, you can serve it.

Note: Sri Lankan Curry powder is different from Indian Curry Powder. If you
      don't have the former, you may use the latter.

Subject: Re: Chicken Curry From: Wijesuriya Pubudu Dayawansa Date: Thurs, May 27 1993 12:53 am Newsgroups: soc.culture.sri-lanka Many thanks to Thilaka Sumanaweera for posting the Gourmet version of Sri Lankan Chicken Curry. Here is another version. Chicken Curry [practical version for bachelors] *********************************************** Equipment: 1: One pickax 2: A hammer 3: A meat cleaver Pre preperation: Open the freezer compartment of your refrigerator. Be careful not to use too sharp an object to pry open the door. Use the pickax to dig through ice until you find some chicken. (If by any chance you don't find any chicken in there, run up to the nearest supermarket and buy a pound of the cheapest variety available. ). Use the hammer and the meat cleaver to seperate approximately half a pound of chicken, and throw the rest back into the freezer. Preperation: Find a suitable pot from the kitchen sink and clean it first. Throw in the chicken, and anything else that is available in the refrigerator, freezor, kitchen counter, or the dining table. For best results, refrain from putting dish washing liquid, raid and other roach killers, coffee, tea, ice cubes and coca cola . Use of a liberal dose of beer is recommended. Put the pot on maximum heat. Leave it alone for a while, and turn your TV on. Post preperation: Once you begin to smell burning food, run to the nearest supermarket and buy some milk. Put a liberal amount into the pot. Use the pickax to remove charcoal from the bottom of the pot. Your dish is ready for consumption. ******************************************************************** My employer has nothing to do with this recipe. During the preperation of this article, I have complied with the the terms of my employement which prohibits me from being within hundred yards from the food sciences department. ********************************************************************