Sinhala TeX Package

sinhala_tex is a public domain package of Metafont fonts and a preprocessor suitable for writing Sinhala script using TeX or LaTeX. It is also available from any CTAN (Comprehensive TeX Archive Network) host in the directory tex-archive/language/sinhala/

Using sinhala_tex, I published "Meeduma Atharin", a collection of Sinhala short stories by Vivien Ekanayake in 2001.
The source sinhala tex files of the book are here.

Here is a small input file written using the samanala transliteration scheme. sinhala_tex converts it to this.

I first used sinhala_tex in 1996 to print newsletters for the Sinhala School at North Parramatta, Sydney, Australia. I remember some parents asking us whether we got those newsletters printed from Sri Lanka, as they didn't think it was done on a computer. This is the first newsletter.

A bit of history of Sinhala TeX

The following bits are old/obsolete - I did them in 1996. I'm still keeping them here for nostalgic reasons. Some links may not even work.

Here is a sample Sinhala document created using the package. (You need to have the Sinhala fonts installed locally to view it correctly. Here is the Postscript output.)

There was another sample document that downloaded the necessary fonts using java. It doesn't work on this web site.

A Small Sample Output

Vasantha Saparamadu