History of Sinhala TeX Package

A long long time ago (well before the web or Sinhala fonts existed) a number of us Sinhalese living in various countries set up an email list to share Sinhala jokes, called Larc - Lankan Ribald Classics. When writing Sinhala using English letters (i.e., transliteration) (for example writing "amma" for mother), it became quite clear that we needed some kind of standard. So Prasad Dharmasena developed his "samanala" transliteration scheme.

Around 1993, Sunil Koswatta created a bitmap Sinhala font for use on Macs. Wijesuriya Pubudu Dayawansa wrote a perl script to convert "samanala" documents into LaTeX. Vasantha Saparamadu converted the Mac font into a font that can be used by Latex, and combined all bits to create a sinhala software package which converts anything written in English characters using samanala transliteration scheme into a postscript file showing Sinhala characters.

In 1995, we discovered that a Sinhala TeX software (with a proper font) has been developed by Yannis Haralambous, with funding from the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, 183 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE, England (Contact person: Dominik Wujastyk), which is using the font in its Catalogue of Sinhala Manuscript. It is available at ftp://ftp.bcc.ac.uk/pub/users/ucgadkw/indology/software/sinhala1-TeX.zip

It was later modified by Vasantha to add support for Prasad's "samanala" transliteration scheme.